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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Only a Northern Song...

Okay, what I'm about to say is going to come off like whining, but you'll just have to bear with it. It's pretty obvious that I hold the Beatles and the Who in very high esteem.
So when I turn on the t.v. and see Kris Allen performing "Come Together" on American Idol, I die a little on the inside.
Season 7 Beatles week on Idol was horrendous and not only that, but they decided that butchering 12 of the greatest songs ever wasn't enough, and that they needed to kill 11 more.
I was reading some song spoilers for tonight's top 24 and I read that there would be two Beatles songs performed and one by the Who ("Oh Darling" is the only specific I've heard.)
It makes me cringe to listen to wannabe Taylor Swift's sit there and try and sing a song that they have no respect for. I bet if you asked half of them they couldn't tell you all four Beatles or one song by the Who.
So, the point of all my ranting/whining, is that these bands deserve better. But American Idol is greedy and won't pull the songbooks so I guess we'll just have to put up with it.

Now I'll give you some photo's in exchange for you all listening to me complain :D

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