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Friday, November 19, 2010

And When I Awoke, I Was Alone, This Bird Had Flown

Day 02-Your Favorite Beatles Song

That's a tough one, because they all are so great. Normally I would say "Let It Be", but I think instead I'll go with my VERY close second favorite "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)". I love this song because it's one of the very first Beatles songs I remember hearing as a kid when I got my very first stereo. I've always just loved the far off, mysterious and mystic sound of the guitars on this track coupled with the sitar. Its always enchanted me for as long as I can remember, there's just something so far out and mystic that I love.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

30 Days A Week

So as I was perusing through tumblr this afternoon, I came across a 30 day beatle meme which I've decided to give a try.

Day 01- Your Favorite Beatle

I would have to say George Harrison simply beca
use there is something about him that I relate to. I think that it's really hard to pick just one anyway because they all wrote songs that will impact you at different times in your life depending on what your going through. I've just always been attracted to George's singing voice primarily, because much like Bob Dylan's voice it changed as he progressed. When he first started off he had a heavy accent but gradually it became less and less. I've also always loved his guitar playing style, it was just so cool and effortless but also essential to what the Beatles did throughout their career. His lyrics have all been important and meaningful to me at one time or another and they are all my favorites at one time or another. The last thing is that he always seemed to me to be the one that got ignored. I always thought that George got no attention and that everyone loved John and Paul. It made me feel cool and aloof to say that my favorite was the one that got the least attention. So, not very good reasons, I can't really explain why George is my favorite-there was just something about him that I will just always identify with.

Got To Get You Into My Life!

Life has meaning again! My favorite band and my favorite brand have now combined! The Beatles are now on itunes!! After spending all of yesterday wondering what apple's big announcement was going to be, it ended up being the greatest thing since itunes itself! Though I already own 90% of the music that is now available to everyone, I can finally get my hands on the one album my dad failed to own:

Rubber Soul, arguably the album that changed everything. It pissed me off for the longest time that my dad owned every other Beatles album but possibly the best one, but now I can enjoy it in it's glory! So to everyone who has yet to download and discover: go forth and enjoy.