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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Seem To Be Struck By You...

Hello everyone! Happy Holidays to you all! My Christmas gift to you all is number 4 of the 50 CELEBRITY DATES CHALLENGE

Tom Sturridge is a British actor that more people really should know about. He most recently starred in the awesome film that I did not get to see-The Boat that Rocked.

He's also part of the "Brit Pack" which includes Robert Pattinson, but we're going to ignore that fact for now.

Sturridge is a double threat as he has both a British accent and pretty, pretty blue eyes.

If I were to date Tom Sturridge...I would first tell him to not bring Robert Pattinson along. Then we would go to an underground London club and hear some great music. After we would go grab a bite to eat. I would wear something like this...

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season and I wish you all a Happy New Year!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm Moving to Canada!

Hello all! I hope your having a fantastic Friday! I believe it's time I continued with the 50 CELEBRITY DATES CHALLENGE, I owe it to you to show you the next man I have prepared for you. (it's Friday, we deserve good stuff.)


I don't know much about Luke Schenn, but what I do know is that he is HOT. And he's Canadian which explains the title of this post. All of the hot boys are Canadian, so I'm metaphorically moving to Canada.

As for the hockey stuff, he was drafted by the Toronto Maple Leaves in 2008 and now I don't hate the maple leaves as much anymore!! He's also a defense man which explains a lot because it is my opinion that they are the hottest of the hockey players.

Now, if I were to date Luke Schenn, It would probably be...I have no idea because I am so distracted by his adorable hotness. I think I'm in love.

I hope you've enjoyed this installment of THE 50 CELEBRITY DATES CHALLENGE. I know I did. *Spasm*

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

You Can Sit Beside Me When the World Comes Down

Bleg. It is no fun being home sick. I got like two hours of sleep last night, but luckily I took a nap and now I feel better. Today I'm going to continue the 50 CELEBRITY DATES CHALLENGE! with

Ryan Gosling is best known for his role in the uber sappy romantic movie "The Notebook" With the help of my dearest aunt Mandi, I know him for his band (who I highly advocate listening to) Dead Man's Bones.

Gosling also has a regular gig deejaying at the club The Bardot. I personally think that's the most awesome thing I guy could tell me he did for fun, and from what I've read he seems to have really good taste in music.

If I were to go on a date with Ryan Gosling, it would probably be live music. We would either go and see a classic like Paul McCartney, or I would go and see his band in concert.

On said fictional date, I would probably wear something like this-

Thank you for playing THE 50 CELEBRITY DATES CHALLENGE! tune in soon for #3!

Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Friday, I'm In Love!

So, I have decided to introduce a new feature here to the old blog that I thought might be fun, I call it 50 CELEBRITY DATES CHALLENGE which is just basically an excuse for me to ramble on about hot guys 50 different times. Let it begin!!


Evan Longoria is the incredibly attractive third baseman for the Tampa Bay Rays. I first noticed him when I was flipping through channels and saw he was an an episode of ESPN's show E:60. He is not related to Eva Longoria in any way (no matter how much Boston fans chant it). As long as he stays away from Ed Hardy clothing Evan is one fine specimen of baseball player.

When your looking through your closet and you see your Ed Hardy T-shirt hanging there, do us all a favor and don't do it. Do you really want to wear clothing that has been associated with Jon Gosselin ever?

If I were to go on a date with Evan Longoria...
It would probably be very low key because although I know little, I imagine those are the funnest kind of dates.
It would be after he got done with practice.

We would go somewhere low key and grab a bite to eat, before we went to the movies. We would go and see "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" because we're funny and hip like that.

(He's so cute when he's happy!!)

I would wear something like this:

Thank you for playing 50 CELEBRITY DATES CHALLENGE! Keep checking back for more!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This is Radio Clash, Consider YOUR position!

Welcome to the second installment of

The second person you need know about is Joe Strummer.

Best known as the front man of legendary punk band The Clash, Joe was able to expand the horizons of punk rock to include other genres like reggae and ska along with many other things.

White Riot
London's Burning
English Civil War
White Man in the Hammersmith Pallais
Janie Jones
Lost in the Supermarket
Jimmy Jazz
Rudie Can't Fail
Clash City Rockers
and my personal favorite:

Joe Strummer's given name was actually John Graham Mellor, but he also went by the name Woody (in honor of everybody's inspiration Woody Guthrie) before he ever came to his iconic stage name. His musical inspiration was diverse, ranging from The Ramones (who influenced about every punk act that ever existed) to The Rolling Stones. It was R&B however, that would ultimately captivate Strummer, leading him to form the 101'ers. The line up would consist of:
Clive Timperley
Martin Stone
Dan Kelleher
Richard Dudanski
Simon Cassell
Alvaro Peña-Rojas
Antonio Narvaez
Julian Yewdall
Tymon Dogg
Marwood Chesterton aka " Mole"
Patrick Nother

The 101'ers would be short lived however as the Clash would be formed 1976. The Clash quickly gained fame, known for their seething lyrics and brutal style. As the main lyricist of the band, Strummer combined with Mick Jones (Who will probably be coming up in another edition) to create some of the most well known and thought provoking songs of all time.

Strummer is ultimately known for his socially aware lyrics that dealt with touchy subjects such as racism, world events, and more im
portantly, boredom. Using this, Strummer was able to get a bored and angry England to stop and think about the world around them. He was willing to write about things that other acts wouldn't touch with a 10 foot poll.

His trademark instrument? a battered 1966 fender telecaster that might just possibly be the most awesome thing I have ever seen. (the guitar on the left for anyone who's wondering)

Joe Strummer was an amazing man, who's name isn't mentioned enough with legendary performers and inspirational people in general.

Come back soon for the third installment of