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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I have had enough, so act your age

Today's Beatles song of the day is...
"You Won't See Me"

When I call you up
Your line's engaged
I have had enough
So act your age

We have lost the time
That was so hard to find
And I will loose my mind
If you won't see me

I don't know why you
Should want to hide
But I can't get through
My hands are tied

I won't want to stay
I don't have much to say
But I can turn away
And you won't see me

Time after time you refuse to even listen
I wouldn't mind if I knew what I was missing

Though the days are few
They're filled with tears
And since I lost you
It feels like years

Yes it seems so long
Girl since you've been gone
I just can't go on
If you won't see me

This track comes from the Album "Rubber Soul" and was inspired by Paul McCartney's relationship with Jane Asher, who was not returning his calls and just flat out ignoring him. It's one of the few Beatles songs where Paul actually sings the lower harmony.

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