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Monday, September 20, 2010

I Came Here With A Load, And It Feels So Much Lighter Now I've Met You

So like I said, I've been switching my itunes library to a new computer, so I've had a chance to rediscover some of the music that I have but haven't payed attention to, and it's also showed me that I need some more new music. Anyway, I said before that I've been playing Chronicles Vol. 1 non-stop but here's some of the other stuff I've found:

This is an album that I've only really gone surface deep with. I knew all the classics on it such as "Eight Day's a Week" and "I'll Follow the Sun" but I've recently discovered one of my new favorites: "I'm A Loser". It's moody and dark, and John Lennon's lyrics sound like self-loathing poetry. I'm loving other tracks too, like "Rock and Roll Music" and "I Don't Want to Spoil the Party".

I've also discovered "Little Drop of Poison" by Tom Waits. I didn't like this track at first because I couldn't get past his voice, but I've grown to appreciate it more as time has gone on. This track is just so over the top and dramatic, it sounds like it belongs in an old movie.

For a while I couldn't stand "Heart of Glass" because I thought it was just too overplayed and too disco for my tastes. Actually, I've found that it's a great pop song and Debbie Harry's vocals are really great on this track.

Those are just a few of my rediscoveries, I've also decided to listen to some of Rolling Stone's greatest albums ever, starting at number one with "Sgt. Pepper"

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