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Monday, September 20, 2010

It Ain't Me, I Ain't No Fortunate One

I've been on a real Creedence Clearwater Revival kick lately after listening to my dad's old copy of Chronicles Vol. 1. I go through phases with their music, sometimes I think I'm going to kill someone if I hear "Proud Mary" one more time, sometimes I'll say that "Bad Moon Rising" is the greatest song ever. CCR has always been one of my dad's favorite bands, coming in only after the Beatles and the Beach Boys probably, so my first exposure to their music came through him. I've heard "Hey Tonight" ever since I can remember, even before I ever heard "Proud Mary" or some of their other well known hits. Their music just sparks an instant sort of happiness in me, anytime I hear "Down on the Corner" or "Around the Bend" I can't help but smile. I love "Bad Moon Rising", but call me crazy, every time I listen to it something bad happens to me! Needless to say, that one doesn't get as much rotation as I'd like it to. Their music just doesn't seem to sound dated at all, any time you put on "Willy and the Poor Boys" it sounds just as good as it did when it was made.

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