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Monday, January 11, 2010

SNL, The good, the bad, the Barkley.

SNL is normally pretty funny stuff. They've had some of the greatest comedy sketches since Monty Python ended. However, in recent times, it has struggled somewhat to be funny. They've had some really funny hosts who amused me deeply, but they seem to have a really hard time making athletes be funny. Case in point being the most recent episode which was hosted by Charles Barkley. That episode was not funny at all. It did have some moments that made me chuckle, but those were sketches that he wasn't involved in. There was one at a ski resort that I thought was terrible.
However, they have had some athletes that border on funny, and some that are born comedians.
Peyton Manning for instance, has great comedic timing and made me laugh until my face fell off. Watch this video for a perfect example.
Lebron James was sort of funny, and I did love the high school musical spoof that he did.
Tom Brady I'm convinced doesn't have a comedic bone in his body, but he still managed to be more amusing than Barkley.

I think that in general SNL could be helped by some fresh writing, but they'll just have to wait for me I suppose ;D
And one more thing, I really wouldn't recommend having Sigourney Weaver host when your fishing for ratings. Just a thought.

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