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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Greatest Songs EVER. According to Rolling Stone. (489-480)

The moment you've all been waiting for! The countdown continues!

489. "I Will Survive"-Gloria GaynorThis is another one of those songs that you've heard a million times before. You and your friends might have even choreographed a dance or two to it. I've shaken what my momma gave me to it in the kitchen with my mom and sisters. It's timeless and even though disco is dead, this song will always survive.

488. "Rhiannon"-Fleetwood Mac
This is Stevie Nicks at her eerie hippie chick finest. This is also Fleetwood Mac doing what it does best. It doesn't sound different from any of their other stuff, but you find yourself bobbing your head pleasantly as you listen to it. The lyrical content is very similar to "Maria" by Blondie, which takes the third person view of a guy tries to get the girl story.

487. "Under the Boardwalk"-The DriftersThe beginning of this song sounds an awful lot like Ben E. King's "Stand By Me", but once it gets going the similarities end. It's a classic motown track, with probably more strings than needed, but it doesn't care. The harmonies are great, and it's the kind of track you would listen to while napping in the noonday sun in a hammock.

486. "How Soon is Now?"-The Smiths
The Smiths are one of those bands that I had heard everyone talk about and say how great they were, but had never really heard before. Upon listening to this track, I will be hi-tailing it to itunes to purchase it. The guitars are so eerie and the riff will stay in your brain and haunt your dreams. Morrisey's vocals complement the arrangement perfectly to the point where you don't care what he's singing about you just wanna hear him. An amazing track I highly recommend. My only beef: it's really long and repetitive coming in at 6:47

485. "Graceland"-Paul SimonThe truth is, I've always thought of Paul Simon's solo records as overrated. So I came into this track with a sort of predisposition to not like it. Upon listening, it's very happy and I was bored through half of it. It just doesn't have the same delicate atmosphere that he was famous for with Simon and Garfunkel. Overall, I thought it was kind of...bland.

484. "I Love Rock and Roll"-Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Everyone knows this song. You grandma knows this song. What you all don't know? Joan Jett was not the first to do it. It was originally done by a little known band called the Arrows. This version is of course more well known than it's predecessor. This is the track that you play when you feel like kicking trash and taking names, and every time it comes on the radio your banging on the steering wheel whilst you headbang. The chant and the shredding riff just established Joan Jett as the resident queen of the post punk rock era.

483. "Just Like Heaven"-The Cure
I've always liked to maintain neutrality when it comes to the Cure. The lead singer scares the heck out of me, which is why this song will always be a tad bit confusing because it's so...romantic. The first version I had ever heard of this song was an obscure band called Gatsby's American Dream on those Punk Goes 80's albums. I really like this song, its just so lovely and the lyrics are just romantic and make you wish you had someone to sing this song to.

482. "I'm Eighteen"-Alice Cooper
Before this track, the only exposure I'd had to Alice Cooper (which i think I'm glad for...) is his appearance in the movie Waynes World. But when this track came on, it wasn't was I was expecting. It wasn't Kiss meets AC/DC like I'd anticipated. It was sort of solemn, and it doesn't really have a climax. Cooper's vocal is really good here though, it has almost a sort of Johnny Rotten quality to it. Good song though for when your feeling sort of bland and uninspired.

481. "Young Americans"-David Bowie

When I listened to this song, I was convinced I'd heard it before somewhere. Upon research, I decided that I had probably heard it in Sixteen Candles. But then again, it has that quality where it just sounds like something you've heard before. The thing is, this song wasn't even the biggest hit from the album it comes from of the same name. This was David Bowie's soul period and I personally found myself missing good old Ziggy Stardust. It's got the seventies sax and percussion section, and to me it felt like it was best suited for a cruise ship.

480. "Into the Mystic"-Van Morrison

The version of this song that I'm guessing more people are familiar with would be the version that The Wallflowers did. This track has a very laid back, swaying in the breeze vibe to it and while you listen to it it feels like the world is just great and nothing could possibly go wrong. The lyrics are very specific to the time from which it comes (the late 1960's), my favorite line being :I wanna rock your gypsy soul". I really liked this track which I didn't expect to. I would put it on a happy, calm sort of playlist.

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