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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Greatest Songs EVER. According to Rolling Stone. (469-460)

Let's get on with it!

469. "It's Too Late"-Carole KingI like Carole Kings music in small doses. If I listen to too much of her in one sitting than she starts to have an annoying voice. I personally like the other song on this single a little bit better ("I Feel the Earth Move"), but this track is also very good. It's got a sort of jazzy feel to it, but there's also elements of soul here. The production is very sparce, but for this it works. It really doesn't need more than her and the piano.

468. "Search and Destroy"-The StoogesFinally! Some good old fashioned punk from the godfather himself! The guitars on this track are abrasive and they get up in your face and won't leave you alone. It has witty and sarcastic lyrics and the chorus is super catchy. It's the kind of song you would play while you were driving a ferarri at very high speeds.

467. "Welcome to the Jungle"-Guns and RosesAah, the Guns and Roses. The good times I have had screeching along to Axel Rose's nails on a chalkboard type vocals never stop. This track has a classic Slash guitar riff, catchy and very easy to rock out to on the air guitar. This is a song that everyone knows like the first five lines of, but after that they just like to sing the "Welcome to the Jungle" parts. The G&R are at their prime here and to this day hair metal fans rejoice when this song comes on.

466. "Runaway"-Del Shannon
I normally try to avoid this type of music, and this song just furthers that opinion. It's really shmaltzy, the strings are overdone, and the vocals on the chorus are only heard by dogs. The truth is I'm sure there are so many other songs that didn't make it on this list that are better than this one.

465. "Surrender"-Cheap Trick

This track is amazing. I love it on so many levels. The vocals and harmonies are pure hook and keep your attention the entire track. This entire song is pure hook and will forever be stuck in my head. The guitars are great as well, the song wouldn't be as catchy without the great riff. When you hear this song you just want to get up and dance and scream the chorus at the top of your lungs. I highly recommend this one.

464. "Standing in the Shadows of Love"-The Four Tops
I was pleasantly surprised by this track. The first thing that hit me was the great vocals by the singer Levi Stubbs. He's got a great gravelly tone and he really gets into the song and sells the heartbreak in the lyrics. It's really actually ahead of it's time and it doesn't sound like anything that motown was putting out at that time.

463. "Rain"-The Beatles
Finally, a Beatles track! "Rain" is one of the Beatles least known tracks, being as it was the B-Side to "Paperback Writer". John Lennon's vocal is very mystical and it has a very raspy tone to it, and the guitars all blend to create the unique sound of the track. This song is famous for it's use of both backwards guitars and backwards vocals, which was revolutionary at the time. The lyrics are about "people moaning about the weather all the time." and I'm sure I could fit into the category of people he's singing about. This song is also famous because it has it's own music video, years before MTV was even fathomed. Great track overall, great for a bad weather day.

462. "Respect Yourself"-The Staple Singers

In my overall opinion, I think this track is overrated. It's not really earth shattering, but its good. It's got very positive lyrics, the kind your best friend gives you when you ask if these pants make you look fat. It's definitely got a heavy groove that really carries the song, and sometimes overwhelms the vocals. A good track, just not a great one.

461. "Kiss"-Prince and the Revolution

I think that Prince has a really annoying voice. Its too high pitched and squeaky for my tastes. This track definitely has a huge groove and brings the good kind of funk. The bassline is sick and is classic Prince. This is the kind of track I would dance around my bedroom to.

460. "One Fine Day"-The Chiffons

This is classic girl group pop. The harmonies on this track are tight and perfect and the production is flawless. The Chiffons and the Supremes are pretty much the two best girl groups from this era.

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