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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Don't Call it a Comeback I've Been Here For Years!!

Alas, I'm feeling much better about life today. I really need to stop stressing over what I can't really control. But that's a whole other thing in and of itself.
I actually had a good day today. Satan the drivers ed teacher seemed to be in a semi-not bad mood. Looking forward to tonight when I have an excuse to watch hockey! I'm writing an article for the school paper and I got my editor to give me an extra day so I could do the Chicago Blackhawks game today!! YAY!! Other than that I suppose it was an uneventful day today. I'm just happy to be happy.

And now to add to my happiness-Guess who's skating again for my beloved Hawks? Johnny Toews is back baby!! He won't play today, but I consider it a good sign. I do miss Tazer and hope he gets back soon.

Tomorrow is also early out, which is awesome. I've never been so grateful for girls volleyball in my life.

All the best to y'alls!

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