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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's Just Me Against the World Today

So I think I just had possibly the worst day not only of my own life, but possibly known to man. It started off bad and then just kept getting worse. First off, what I thought was going to be a simple career aptitude test turned out to be a !@#$% PRACTICE A.C.T. TEST!!! Then when I went to go take it, I went into the wrong classroom and had to be directed to the right one. Then there was the test itself. It literally made my brain hurt. I got so pissed off on the English part of the test because unless you are going to become a newspaper editor, its worthless. Otherwise all you have to do is use COMMON SENSE! You should be able to tell easily when something you've written doesn't make sense!! Then came the satanic part.
I didn't have a flying fart in space what ANY of the answers were so it got to the point where I just started filling in random letters! I honestly wanted to cry.
Then came the reading portion which was bad because I was still having a mental meltdown about the math part! and they really need to find better pieces of writing to use rather than ones that are written by third graders.
Then came science was esentailly Math II. They might as well have written it in a foreign language, then I might have understood it better.
So at the end of the test I was ready to start crying and still had all my classes to go to. I got to journalisim class where I'm the only sophmore and the teacher said-
"Poor sophmores just basically took the ACT test." and not only that but he went on to say that they were being sent off to Iowa City to be graded! I wanted to just go home, bawl my eyes out, and never come back.
Then I had to go to drivers ed where I swear the teacher has to be satan. He harbors no compassion for anyone and I'm pretty sure he murdered Santa Claus. HE gave us a test and I failed that one too!! I wanted to cause the man physical pain!
So the point of this tragedy is that I hate my life and other people must hate it too.

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