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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Greatest Songs EVER. According to Rolling Stone. (429-420)

First of all....How bout them Chicago Blackhawks?!? My first season of being a fan and they spoil me with a Stanley Cup! Many congratulations go out to them, and I hope they'll be in the same position next year.

Now then,
429. "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love"-Solomon Burke

This is a really upbeat track with a party sort of atmosphere. There's been a ton of different versions of this song, including Wilson Pickett and of course the Blues Brothers. It's not too terribly long, I was texting my friend while listening to it and all of a sudden I realized it had ended. A fun track, not really memorable.

427. "New Years Day"-U2

I couldn't believe that there was a U2 song that I hadn't ever heard. This track is very distant sounding and it has the telltale U2 production, with lots of echoing. The lyrics are a part love song, but also part political commentary. It's kind of repetitive, it easily gets stuck in your head. I could see where it would be easy to skip over this track while browsing the massive U2 catalogue, but it's still a very good song and I'd recommend it.

426. "Smoke on the Water"-Deep Purple
I guarantee that you've heard this guitar riff before. It has to be one of the most recognizable riffs ever, second only to maybe "Satisfaction". This track is Deep Purple's best known track, and for good reason. It's got all the elements to be a great rock song: catchy riff, semi-decent lyrics, not too long. The lyrics don't matter much in this song, your too busy bobbing your head or tapping your foot to that guitar riff. Good track, a must have for any classic rock lover.

425. "William, It Was Really Nothing"-The Smiths

This track was more 80's sounding than I had expected. But even so, it still manages to be distinctly the Smiths for the short 2:13 that it lasts. The lyrics are kind of nonsensical, but in a way they completely make sense. The thing is, I actually prefer the two b-sides of this song better ("How Soon is Now?" and "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want".) Even so, I really liked this track a lot.

424. "Tumbling Dice"-The Rolling Stones
This track was in the news recently because of the reissuing of Exile on The Main St. I really enjoyed this track overall, and I think it's really underrated. I had a hard time understanding Mick Jagger's vocal, but then again I was busy enjoying Keith Richards guitar which had a little bit of a country flair to it. The backing vocals are a little annoying but not to terrible. Great unknown (for me anyways) track.

423. "Blue Suede Shoes"-Elvis Presley

I was actually surprised to learn that this is actually a cover, the original being by Carl Perkins. This track is famous for its first few lines of, "One for the money/two for the show/three to get ready/and four to go." It nicely blends pop, rockabilly and the blues all into one, while Elvis delivers the story of a man and his quest to keep his blue suede shoes from being stepped on. You really can't help but jump up and do your best Elvis impression while listening to this song.

422. "Lola"-The Kinks

This track is actually really funny when you sit down and listen to it. Allegedly about a transvestite, this track gets stuck in your head and it won't come out. A lot of people are actually more familiar with the Weird Al parody of this song, "Yoda". It's a very laid back track, not a whole lot of instrumentation, and Ray Davies vocal is very sarcastic. I've actually been getting into the Kinks a lot more, but this song was one of the first songs of theirs that I knew.

421. "Piano Man"-Billy Joel

There isn't a soul in this universe that doesn't know "Piano Man". It's by far Billy Joel's best known track, and it really showcases his ability on the piano. The lyrics tell the story of a piano bar player and the comings and goings that he notices as he goes along. A great track, really classic.

420. "It's Your Thing"-The Isley Brothers

This is a really great funk track, especially for a non-funk believer like myself. You've probably heard this song a million times before on commercials and things of that nature, and it's just really catchy. Apparently, this song was a big feminist anthem but I couldn't really see that aspect in the lyrics. The piano on this track is really great and it adds levels. Lovely track overall.

My favorite? "Lola" or "William It Was Really Nothing"

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