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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Post in Which I Decide That No, He Doesn't Look a Thing like Jesus. But He Does Talk Like A Gentelman.

(That picture was taken at the show I went to!! that amazing dance move was during "Spaceman")

Yes indeed. This September I was able to attend a magically spectacular display of amazingness, otherwise known as a Killers concert. I went with Suze, by dearest best friend and we brought the house down :D
The opening act was really good, although try as we might we just could not catch the name of their band!! After they finished we expected to be amazed by the band we had actually payed to see, but instead we were met by a 10 minute intermission to set up the next surprise's gear.
We were then treated to yet another opening act, which did not sit well with the restless, Killers hungry crowd. It wasn't because the crowd didn't want another opening act, it was because we were being treated to the musical stylings of a MARIACHI BAND!!! Not only does no one enjoy mariachi, but the lead singer obviously had no idea that an audience of mainly Mormons doesn't like to hear you use the f-word multiple times. They were endless and no one wanted to hear them after about their third song.
Then, it was time. The Killers took the stage in all their 80's throwback GLORY! They did one song, and then started into "Human". They opening sinth chords were the only thing to get out tho, as we were soon beset with technical difficulties. After 20 minutes of endless waiting, we finally got the Killers back. They were able to start "Human" over and delight the crowd in every way. The mosh pit was extra peppy and jumped up and down to every song, ALONG with the crowd in the seats! No one was siting for the entire show. They played all their hits, such as "Spaceman", "Dustland Fairytale", "Somebody Told Me", "Mr. Brightside" and many others. I loved how they did the ending to "Dustland Fairytale" by starting into "Can't Help Falling in Love" and ending it with that. It was so romantic and the crowd sang along with Brandon as the guitar player was illuminated with heavenly rays.
"Mr. Brightside" probably got the biggest crowd reaction as when Brandon introduced it, no one knew what song he was talking about. The whole arena knew all the words and sang right along while jumping up and down in time.
"All These Things That I've Done" had the best ending, as they added extra stanza's of "I got soul, but I'm not a soldier." To appease everyone. At the end of the song a cannon of confetti was shot off, showering the now happy crowd.
The encore was "When You Were Young" (Hence the title of this post) No one was sitting still and everyone used what was left of their voices (I know I hardly had one) to sing along with the tale about the non-Jesus lookalike.
I walked away with an amazing black t-shirt that had all the Killers faces on it and was styled in a fashion that they resembled the cover of the Beatles album "Let it Be"

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