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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Post in Which There Isn't a Scene, But There Is an Arms Race

Happy early weekend!! Headed out of town here very shortly, going up to the family cabin. Should be tons o' fun!
So today, I was arguing with Suze on the difference between punk, and a scene kid. I told her that I was probably going to be a punk rocker for Halloween and she said-
"But, that's how you are normally!!"
Now, today I was wearing my Killers t-shirt, red jeans, my black leather messanger bag which I kidnapped from my mother, and my trusty brown boots. She tried to say that this outfit was punk, when in reality it looked more scene kid.

If we want to see what punk is-a perfect example would be Sid Vicious, former bassist for the Sex Pistols. The daily punk uniform includes (or it used to anyway)
A leather jacket
acid washed jeans
offending images/sayings printed on t-shirt
Black worn out converse
in a woman's case-the possible plaid skirt
Motorcycle boots
Doc Martens
Now of course not all of these things are to be worn at the same time. A good example of female punk style would definitely be Blondie's frontwoman Debbie Harry.

A scene kid's daily uniform consists of essentially what I was wearing today.
tight, skinny, Colored Jeans
Poorly done eyeliner
Band t-shirt
unusual color in the hair
ipod in the ears
Angsty band playing on said ipod

A good example of male scene kid fashion-Fall out Boy

Female scene kid fashion-Haley Williams of Paramore

Glad I could clear that up. I obviously tend to lean towards scene kid fashion, but I do enjoy the punk look. I wish I owned a pair of Doc Martens.

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